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Have you discovered communicating in American English is not easy, especially with your colleagues, customers, patients or students in business, hospitals & academia? 

Are you experiencing communication challenges you weren't expecting?


When considering a visit or move to the USA, you may have formed ideas of what living, working or traveling would be like. Perhaps you had earlier visits, or watched TV shows or movies, read books about the United States of America, listened to news stories, talked with friends and family members.

You think you’re ready. You make the move, become an Expat from your native country, settle into your new job, or begin University. You start your new journey in America.

That’s when your English skills and cultural awareness are fully tested. That’s when you have to speak English more like a native, not how you learned in school or practiced in language courses before coming here. That’s when stares of confusion from the people you need to interact with can overwhelm, frustrate, intimidate or embarrass you. Adjusting to American business, hospital and academic environments can be a monumental challenge. That’s when your actual experience may clash with your expectations and dreams.


Do you want to turn your challenges into successful communication? 

We can help you in person if you live in the Richmond, Virginia area. If you are located in another state in the USA or you are still in your home country, we can connect via Skype or FaceTime.

American English Right Now Will Meet Your Needs


• Through one-on-one sessions and/or
• Group conversation meetings and/or
• Homestay Immersion
• Skype or FaceTime

• Authentic, Role Specific Vocabulary in Business, Healthcare, Academia
• Pronunciation/Accent Reduction
• Grammar Correction
• American Accent Intonation & Fluency
• General use of the language 


• Living in America- the Business, Healthcare and Academic Culture
• Navigating through; Meetings, presentations, engaging in professional discussions, patient consultations, formal and informal writing, email protocol, business “small talk” 

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