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ABOUT  ME  |  Helene M. Bumbalo, M.S.


I take uncommon responsibility for your results.  With a Master’s Degree in Counseling, a TESOL Certificate, including specialization in Business English, and a diverse career including corporate training on Career Development and Personal Branding, I have a unique ability to listen to you, connect with you, identify your communication issues and focus on correcting them. I left Human Resources in Corporate America after many years and reinvented myself by living and working abroad, teaching Aviation English and Executive English in Istanbul, Turkey.  While in Turkey, I developed an awareness of day-to-day language challenges and the practical strategies to overcome them. I am committed to your success and provide methods that give you the tools to do this.

Why do you do what you do?

Thanks to my father, my childhood home was filled with many interesting people from all over the world who came to study medicine under him in the US. I have traveled to many countries, beginning as an exchange student in Ecuador as a teen, to Great Britain, Italy, Brazil and Uruguay as a young adult to successfully climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2012 in Tanzania and then most recently, living and working for 18 months in Istanbul, Turkey, taking “side trips” to Belgium and the Czech Republic. I have always gravitated toward experiences that involve many cultures. I consider myself a Globally Minded individual, with a focus on the commonalities we all share. I sincerely want to help improve communication between people of all backgrounds.

My personal career has been along a crooked path. I have been a Teacher, a Mental Health Counselor, a Corporate Manager, a Regional Director, a Healthcare Recruiter and a Corporate Trainer. The first part of my professional career was in Healthcare where I worked in hospitals and nursing homes for many years, either in Medical Psychology or in Physical Rehabilitation units. I left Healthcare and moved to Human Resources with a large US bank doing Career Consulting from 2004 until 2012.  It was there where I met many bank associates who were foreign-born and really struggled with what it meant to be successful in Corporate America. Their success depended on much more than knowledge of their subject matter. It was clear to me that their business success depended on effective communication with their American colleagues and their ability to navigate the American business culture. My passion to help foreign-born workers was ignited!  Combining my counseling skills, career management knowledge and teaching ability with certification as a Business English teacher, I relocated to Istanbul, Turkey to practice my new skills and experience first-hand “Life as an Expat”. Since returning to the US, I've worked with many adult learners, teaching both professional and informal English, providing career guidance and generally, assisting them with improving their cultural competence.  

It is my sincere desire to help improve communication and cultural competence for non-native English speakers now living and working in the United States so all will benefit from better communication in the “Melting-Pot” of our American workforce.  

ABOUT  ME  |  Nicole Langton, M.B.A.


I earned my MBA from Argosy University in Atlanta, with an emphasis on International Business. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida with a dual major in French and Spanish.

In 2000, I began teaching English as a Second Language as a volunteer teaching adults from places as diverse as Poland, France, Brazil, and many Latin American countries. My advanced ESL class often exceeded 10 students. Combining written material with relevant topics such as communicating with healthcare workers, I kept the classes interactive and fun, whenever possible. An example of this were the mini-lessons on American culture, food, and music, including a field trip to the CD section of a local book store to expose the students to the types of music they had just learned about.

In 2005, I began working as a Career Advisor with an art college.  I worked directly with students, assisting these future graduates to successfully attain their career aspirations and employment goals.  I have taught job search strategies including resume development, networking, and interview techniques.  

After moving to North Carolina, I began tutoring ESL for the City of Raleigh, and more recently, through a local online resource that matches tutors with students needing assistance. My career services experience here has included working with medical billing/coding, as well as IT students and graduates at a local training and certification school.

I delight in helping individuals discover their strengths and being able to motivate them towards academic and professional success.

ABOUT  ME  |  Taylor Rockwell


Taylor Rockwell graduated from Centre College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Anthropology, and History. He began his writing and editing career as an undergraduate student, writing for Centre’s newspaper, The Cento. After graduation, Taylor embarked on a career in journalism by freelancing for various media outlets, focusing mainly on the intersection of international politics and soccer as an institution. 

With an eye on international affairs, Taylor moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 2011 where he merged his interests and skills by teaching English grammar and writing while studying the cultural impact of soccer on the political atmosphere of Istanbul. In 2013, he joined an American-owned economic publishing company and was sent to Erbil, Iraq to write a comprehensive assessment of the investment climate of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He worked alongside his wife, the project’s director, to manage the project according to a memorandum of understanding with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

After the project concluded, Taylor and his wife returned to the United States and worked in Washington, D.C. where Taylor became the Assistant Editor for Paste Magazine’s soccer section. During this time, Taylor co-founded a media relations company, providing writing, editing, media management, and audio production services to international clients. Taylor’s extensive experience in writing and editing has resulted in an expert grasp of the English language and he is now thrilled to offer his services to AERN’s diverse client base.

Contact me at or call 804-921-8081. 
You CAN learn American English. Learn it Right Now!

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