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Have you discovered communicating in American English is not easy, especially in business & academia? 

Are you experiencing challenges you weren't expecting?


Before making the move to America, a lot of people have formed ideas of what living and working here would be like. Perhaps they had visited once or twice, or watched TV shows or movies, read books about America, listened to news stories, talked with friends and family members. They think they’re ready. They make the move, become Expats, settle into new jobs or begin University and start their new journey of living in America.

That’s when their English skills are fully tested. That’s when they have to speak English more like a native, not how they learned in school or practiced in their language courses before coming here. That’s when adjusting to American business and academic ways and styles can become a monumental challenge. That’s when their actual experience may clash with their expectations.


American English Right Now – Tutoring to Meet Your Needs


• Through one-on-one sessions and/or
• Group conversation meetings and/or
• Skype or Face Time

• Role Specific Vocabulary
• Pronunciation/Accent Reduction
• Grammar Correction
• American Accent Intonation & Fluency 
• General use of the language. 


• Living in America- the Business and Academic Culture
• Navigating through; Meetings, presentations, writing tasks, restaurants, stores, government agencies & services like telephone, medical care & utility companies.


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