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Professional English

Non-Native English speakers may find that things are not going as they had expected whether they are   working in Corporate America, providing healthcare to patients or studying in American universities.

Often individuals have learned the linguistic skills of the English language, may have passed the TOEFL exams with high scores and may even have advanced degrees. There is, however, often a "GAP" in learning. The skills that lead to classroom and/or workplace effectiveness and success in America may not be there.

What's missing:

  • How to successfully express an opinion in a meeting or teleconference
  • How to establish meaningful allies and advocates 
  • How to avoid misreading body language, humor and other topic “hot spots”
  • How to navigate office politics 
  • How to understand idioms and cultural references at work

Work place success is rooted in language and cultural competencies which are not always tested until actual interactions begin at university or the workplace once in America. Most English language courses limit instruction to grammar, vocabulary and speaking. American English Right Now is different. Our training addresses current and relevant topics in business, encourages a natural increase in authentic, targeted vocabulary and provides opportunities to discuss opinions, ideas, trends and controversial issues. Whether in group or individual sessions, our training is designed to fill the gap in learning English and increase American cultural competence.

Contact me at or call 804-921-8081. 
You CAN learn American English. Learn it Right Now!

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