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How can I make quick progress in American English?

The first thing we will do together is talk about your goals. What do you want or need to do in American English? How much time do you have? Is there a deadline for you to make these improvements? Can you dedicate a few or many hours each week to this task?  I’ll listen, really LISTEN to you and evaluate where your problems are with communicating in American English. Based on this, we will design a strategy. We will start where you can make minor corrections that will give you the biggest results. 

How long will I need to take lessons?

It takes approximately 100 hours of language study to reach the next level. Those hours may be spent with me or may be supplemented by your own study, depending on your commitment and time I can’t guarantee how long it will take you; however, I can recommend the number of hours per week you should study American English once we have met. Our lessons usually will last between 90 minutes and two hours and one lesson per week is the minimum requirement.

I feel stuck in my current job. I have knowledge to do the job, but I’m just not getting the recognition and promotions I deserve.

Being adept at Business Communication is essential for success in the American Business world. If you aren’t able to succinctly communicate, if you can’t fluently and appropriately challenge the viewpoint of others, nor quickly contribute in meetings or on conference calls, your potential advancement is thwarted. You will not be recognized as a potential leader. You will not get that promotion. At American English Right Now, I will identify your language weaknesses and strengthen your communication skills. With my years in Human Resources, I can also identify strategies to build your personal brand as well as your network, leading to improved performance and career advancement.

I have applied for jobs and have gone on interviews, but never hear back again. Can you help with that?

Sure I can! My background is Counseling, Career Consulting and Human Resources. We can work on your resume, personal branding statements and interviewing skills. In fact, I teach a class each semester on career management at Virginia Commonwealth University. Remember, managing a job search is difficult for a native English speaker. Let me help you overcome the specific barriers you may face as a non-native American English speaker.

I have papers, memos, emails, power point presentations and articles to write. Help!

I can help you improve your writing skills in these areas. I have written hundreds of resumes and business communications while working in Corporate America for a Fortune 200 Bank. As a Corporate Trainer, I have successfully created and delivered many presentations using Power Point. Additionally, I have edited a book by a non-native American English speaker (Outsourced Indian by Shekhar Nagendra) that is now published.

I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for a year and a half. My English was already good but I needed to improve my accent and I wanted to be more fluent. 

Helene is a very open minded tutor. She knows a lot of things and always had a good article to read and discuss together. She brought articles about my main subjects....   


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