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Walter D. | Student

My name is Walter D., I am Brazilian and moved to US in the last October! I am a Engineer and I have been working for a multi-national company located in the RTP area, Raleigh, North Carolina. When I started my English classes with Helene, my English level was intermediary and my goals were to improve my knowledge and in parallel to have a good understanding about US culture. I have been doing my English Class with Helene Bumbalo tutor and I have achieved my goals, due besides learning English language, Helene is always able to share with me US cultural information and also corporate knowledge, We always have great discussions about processes, people and business... I recommend Helene Bumbalo as tutor!

Meu nome e Walter D., sou Brasileiro e mudei para os Estados Unidos em Outubro do ano passado! Sou Engenheiro e trabalho em um empresa multinacional localizada no RTP, Raleigh, Carolina do Norte. Quando iniciei minhas aulas com a Helene, meu nível de conhecimento do idioma inglês estava como intermediário e minha meta era melhorar meu conhecimento e paralelamente entender melhor a cultura americana durante nossas aulas. Continuo fazendo minhas aulas de inglês com a professora Helene Bumbalo ate hoje e tenho conseguido atingir meus objetivos, pois alem de aprender o idioma, Helene sempre esta apta a dividir comigo informações culturais do EUA e também seu conhecimento corporativo, sempre temos ótimas discussões sobre negócios, pessoas e processos..... Eu recomendo Helene como tutora.

Camille L.  |  Student

I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for a year and a half. My English was already good but I needed to improve my accent and I wanted to be more fluent.

Helene is a very open minded tutor. She knows a lot of things and always had a good article to read and discuss together. She brought articles about my main subjects of interest.

We saw each other for 100 hours and I know I have gained on confidence and vocabulary. I feel more confortable to speak with Americans and my accent is better.

I highly recommend Helene as a tutor for American English. You won't be disappointed! 

Française expatriée aux Etats-Unis pour 1 an et demi, j'ai eu l'occasion de suivre des cours d'anglais avec Hélène.

Mon niveau était déjà correcte en arrivant mais je souhaitais travailler l'oral et améliorer mon accent et ma fluidité.

Hélène est une personne très ouverte d'esprit, dotée d'une grande culture générale. Elle aborde avec plaisir tous les sujets de conversation, qu'ils soient liés à l'actualité, à la vie américaine en général, la littérature...

 Avec ces 100h de cours, j'ai senti une nette progression dans mon aptitude à tenir une discussion et à m'exprimer en anglais sur des sujets très variés. Je me sens plus à l'aise lorsque je parle avec des américains.

Je continue à travailler mon accent avec un ouvrage conseillé par Hélène, il m'est d'une grande utilité.

Travailler l'anglais avec Hélène fut un véritable plaisir et je la recommande pour quiconque souhaite progresser et s'améliorer.

Barbara A.  |  Career Consultant

Just letting you know I just met with David and he is delighted with the progress he is making.  He said that even if ABC doesn’t continue the support, he would still continue as an investment in himself.  Powerful praise!

I definitely noticed a difference in his communication.  For the first 30 mins there was not one word I didn’t understand and I was not having to lip read or listen so hard.  The most important difference I noticed was in his confidence and presence.  He just carried himself with much more certainty which, in itself, improved his delivery.  He is so grateful for the work you are doing with him! Just thought you’d want to know.  Keep up the good work.

David Z.  |  Student

I have lived and worked in the United States for 15 years. Like many Chinese, I had finished elementary school, middle school, high school and college in China. Back then, the English was taught in Britain pronunciation, and then transitioned to US pronunciation. I think I was a victim of such situation. As a result, my pronunciation was a mess and never right. Though I have been trying to improve and correct them for so many years by listening to different audios and having some special classes, I have not been able to get to whether I wanted to be. It's like at a plateau. I was stuck and felt mission impossible ... until Helene. Helene was referred to me by another Chinese friend. To me, this is magical in the fact that Helene is not only a language expert, but also used to be a career consultant in a Fortune 500 company. It's more than just the pronunciation when working with Helene. She can understand and share thoughts with you, and advise you. Honestly, after few sessions with Helene, I realized my pronunciation was a lot worse than I had thought. Helene was able to point them out nicely and teach me how to pronounce them out mechanically. I also realized that even if I used that same book and read the mechanic of the pronunciation, I would not be able to judge whether I pronounced correctly. After 5 weeks of sessions with Helene, the feedback from my mentor was that I was able to pace myself better, speak more confidently and be understood more easily. I would strongly recommend Helene if you are determined to fix up your English and try to get to a new chapter in your life and career!

Flavia D.  |  Student

I'm from Brazil, I lived in São Paulo, now I have been living in Raleigh since October 2013. I started my English class with Helene teacher's since November 05/2013. My level of English when we started was beginner I do not know how to speak, write or listen. The student-teacher relationship with Helena is great because she is a teacher who has the patience and calm to explain, correct the pronunciation, grammar teaches and prepares lesson.  Helene teacher to me she has a differential because it does not teach only what is in the books of English she taught me understand restaurant menu, go to the doctor, to understand U.S. culture, studying to take driver's license and everyday things, I can say that she made and makes a whole difference in my life.

Eu sou do Brasil, morava em São Paulo, agora estou morando em Raleigh desde outubro de 2013. Iniciei os meus estudos de Inglês com a professora Helene Bumbalo desde 05 de novembro de 2013.  Meu nível de Inglês quando nós iniciamos era de iniciante eu não sabia falar, escrever e ouvir.  A relação aluno e professor com a Helene é ótima pois, ela é uma professora que tem paciência e calma em explicar,corrige a pronuncia,ensina gramatica e prepara aula.  A professora Helene para mim ela tem um diferencial pois, ela não ensina somente o que esta nos livros  de inglês ela me ensinou a entender cardápio de restaurante, a ir no médico, a entender a cultura dos EUA, a estudar para tirar carta de motorista (driver license) e coisas do cotidiano,posso dizer que ela fez e faz todo um diferencial em minha vida.

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