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American English Right Now is a Business Communication “One Stop Shop” for International Professionals, Guest workers & students who need to improve their understanding of the American Workplace, both language and culture.

Whether you currently live in the USA or need pre-departure training, American English Right Now offers help to close the gap between the English you know and understand and the English you need to know and understand so you can be successful. This is done through 1:1 or small group lessons offered in person, on Skype or in a Homestay Immersion program.

With a focus on total Career Success, American English Right Now helps you:

  • Identify and overcome communication barriers, whether written or verbal: Expand task-specific vocabulary, reduce accents and increase confidence in diverse settings
  • Identify core strengths, values, talents and interests that define who someone is and what they bring to the table
  • Understand what American employers expect during the interview process and while working in the American marketplace
  • Create communication tools and strategies that get desired results, including an American resume and LinkedIn profiles
  • Improve interpersonal and multi-cultural communication skills in international business environments


Your needs are specific. You have teams to lead, colleagues to influence, ideas to present in business or in University. Let us help you target the language you need to meet your goals of higher achievement and greater career success.  Business articles written by current thought leaders as well as select Business English books will be the framework for discussions, debates and learning. Remember, how you sound and the words you choose matter! Call us now and schedule lessons.


You need to ramp up your skills quickly. There is a conference you must attend. There is a franchise opportunity to explore. There is a contract to negotiate. You need to accelerate learning, yet time is of the essence. Consider an immersion Home Stay for Business English with a professional tutor/host. Work on English skills in the mornings; conduct work for your day job virtually during the afternoons and evenings. Uniquely designed individual study programs blend formal and informal learning while living in a private home in Richmond, Virginia for 2-4 weeks, 20 lesson hours per week. Total English immersion for adults! Remember, how you sound and the words you choose matter! Call us now and schedule lessons.


Whether you need to navigate the shops or set up utilities, negotiate for a new car or talk to your child's teacher or feel confident in any "small talk" situation, we can help. Through individually designed classes based on books, articles, novels and current news, we can help you expand your vocabulary, increase your fluency and build your confidence.  Let's focus on daily communication. Remember, how you sound and the words you choose matter! Call us now and schedule lessons.

Just letting you know I just met with David and he is delighted with the progress he is making. He said that even if ABC doesn’t continue the support, he would still continue as an investment in himself. Powerful praise!

I definitely noticed a difference in his communication. For the first 30 mins there was not one word I didn’t understand and I was not having to lip read or listen so hard. The most important difference I noticed was in his confidence and presence. He just carried himself with much more certainty which, in itself, improved his delivery. He is so grateful for the work you are doing with him! Just thought you’d want to know. Keep up the good work.
— Barbara A., Career Consultant
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